Tecnica 2020 Mach Sport Hv 85 W Black Womens Ski Boots

By Tecnica


For ladies who want a boot that fits great reach for Tecnica's Mach Sport HV 85 Women's Ski Boots. The Mach Sport lineup is all about keeping your feet warm, comfortable and making wearing boots convenient. From its easy entry design to the insulation-packed liners, you can bet your feet will be happy in these boots. They feature Tecnica's C.A.S. customizable shell, so any problem areas you may have can be easily taken care of. Plus it's got all the women-specific needs, from the cuff design and stance, to ensure you feel confident with every turn.

C.A.S. Shell: Custom Adaptive Shape shells are anatomically formed around the heel and problem areas at the factory. Common punch zones are plainly marked with a dot grid pattern on the shell, and the new polyether and Triax 3.0 shell materials offer improved stability when heated.

C.A.S. Grindable Boot Board: The removable C.A.S. boot board offers plenty of thickness for grinding and a grid pattern for reference.

Dual Quick Instep: Utilizes a large, softer plastic over the instep area that allows the shell to open easier as you are entering or exiting the boot.

NFS Liner:Anatomically pre-shaped liner has extra thick soft padding for comfort and warmth, it can even be heat-molded for a custom fit.

C.A.S. Cuff Adapt: A thermal cover activated by carbon fiber resistors heats the cuff and liner. Once the set temperature has been reached, the material easily adapts to the shape of the lower leg.

Women's Specific Cuff Design: The structure and construction of the upper part of the liner are shaped to ensure perfect adaptation to the female calf.

Women's Natural Stance: Tecnica performed scientific research to determine the optimal ski stance for women. The final outcomes are the Women's Specific Cuff and a 3mm higher back spine for natural balance, less fatigue and increased performance on your skis.

Lift Lock: Innovative Lift Lock system holds the buckles up and out of the way so they don't catch while getting in or out of your boots.

35mm Velcro Power Strap