A two-hour ride exploring the remains of a historic old tramway line, next to the main trunk line. - Peter Blakeman

Family Friendly This trail is easy enough riding so that the whole family can enjoy it. Allow about two hours for the whole ride. 


A family friendly, two-hour trail along the historic Marton Sash and Door Tramway. You'll explore relics from the bush tramway era including pumice cuttings, log bridges, a small wooden dam, and rail irons.


The Marton Sash and Door Tramway Trail starts and finishes at National Park Village and is suitable for the whole family. You'll start by riding next to the main trunk line heading south, before heading west and down towards the Waimarino Stream. You'll see relics of a bygone era, old log bridges, rail irons, huts, dams and tram skidways. You'll also ride through pine plantations including 'The Pines' MTB Park in Waikune Forest, before riding back up the main trunk line to National Park Village.

History & Background 

This trail was recently rediscovered after being abandoned when the tramway shut down. A large local effort resulted in the trail being opened as a mountain bike trail.

Learn more about this trail on the MTB Project website