The Uenuku Pines Mountain Bike Park

Uenuku Pines - Waikune Forest - Ruapehu, is the first Mountain Bike Park in the Ruapehu region.
There have been unofficial trails coming and going in Waikune Forest for decades, built and maintained by local volunteers, but as it’s a commercial pine forest a permit is supposed to be obtained before entering, so everyone was actually trespassing!
With the recent increase in popularity and publicity, it was necessary to either become a legitimate Mountain Bike Park, or stop all riding and trail building. With help from the forestry managers and a small army of dedicated people, ‘The Pines’ has officially become ‘Uenuku Pines Mountain Bike Park’ and will be operated in a similar way to many other pine forest MTB parks throughout New Zealand.
Membership of the Ruapehu Mountain Bike Club is also your permit to enter Waikune Forest and ride Uenuku Pines. The RMTBC is affiliated to Cycling New Zealand, and all members of affiliated clubs are covered by their insurance policy, protecting the assets of the forest. It is a legal requirement to have this insurance.

In order to access the Pines you'll need to join the Ruapehu MTB club. Membership is only $15/year for adults, $10 for kids, or $25 for the whole family.

Visit Ruapehu Mountain Bike Club's website for up to date details about the Uenuku Pines MTB Park and club events:

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