TCB Wheeled Ski Bag - Black



The TCB Wheeled Ski Bag makes it super convenient to pack up all your ski gear and skis into one bag to travel around!

The smooth rolling wheels makes it super easy to maneuver around airports, across parking lots, train/bus stations, and through to your accommodation!

Our wheeled ski bags are designed with 2 addition storage compartments to help organize all your gear. These additional pockets are perfect place to pack outerwear, helmet, goggles and accessories.

Durable material is used throughout the bag, including a reinforaced lower section to add support and rigidity for the roller wheels. The main Ski storage compartment is secured with a large YKK Zipper and two heavy duty adjustable straps that are fastened with large buckles.

A strong padded handle at the top end of the ski bag makes it easy to pull your wheeled bag around and two carrying straps are located at the middle of the bag to help make it easy to lift the bag into/out of vehicles or while being handled at the airport/transportation stations.

Approximate External Measures: 190cm L x 33cm W x 14cm H