Soundboks 3 Bluetooth Performance Speaker



The New SOUNDBOKS is unlike any speaker in the world and any SOUNDBOKS that has come before it. The last one was the SOUNDBOKS 2, but this isn?t the SOUNDBOKS 3. This isn't just a continuation. It's redefining the standard.

Key Features

At 126 dB on full volume, the SOUNDBOKS is as loud as an average live concert with amazing, clear, real sound.

The battery lasts 40 hours at mid-volume and 5 hours at full volume.

SOUNDBOKS is the only Bluetooth speaker with swappable batteries.

The SOUNDBOKS is designed to be extremely durable and is built for the outdoors.

In TeamUP mode, you can wirelessly daisy chain up to five nearby SOUNDBOKS speakers in seconds, using SKAA technology.

It connects wirelessly with Bluetooth and SKAA, and has wired connection options for XLR, 1/4? and 1/8? signals in the back Pro panel for mics, DJ mixers, instruments and more.

The Pulse Reflex Port is a uniquely designed port system that provides better bass and imaging without sacrificing durability and splash resistance.

The eximo? amp switching system allows for huge volume with maximum power efficiency.