Shred Simplify Snow Goggles - Whiteout | CBL + Stealth Smoke

$300.30 $429.00

Lens (2) : Contrast Boosting Lens + Stealth Smoke


  • Weight: 169 g
  • Strap height: 50 mm
  • Size: M-L
  • Shred Wide Carved cylindrical lenses.
  • Shred 1-2-3 replacement system.
  • Outrigger/Rig for optimized pressure distribution.
  • NODISTORTION™ provides crystal clear vision at every altitude.
  • NOREFLECT treatment to avoid reflections in the inner lens.
  • 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection.
  • Tampered face foam.
  • Grip on straps.
  • Universal helmet compatibility.
  • Ergonomic frame design.
  • Whipped cream multilayer face foam.
  • Anti fog.
  • No Clog Hydrophobic treatment.

shred simplify goggles sizes

All conditions lens - These lenses are TRULY designed to perform under the widest spectrum of light and weather conditions. After years of extensive field tests we came to understand that it was not a matter of light transmission, but instead of contrast and definition. Our STEALTH REFLECT lenses feature a contrast and definition enhancing tint that provide unique performance in any condition, from fog and flat light to bluebird, all the way to dark afternoons and snowy days. All this while providing effective UVA protection even on the brightest days on the glacier. Blocks 100% of all harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Contrast boosting lens - Lens technology for light noise canceling and image contrast/definition enhancement. By working with a color spectrum selective light filter, we created lens that mimics the behavior of noise canceling headphones on a plane to eliminate color noise while riding. The CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS also boosts contrast, which enhances image definition to be able to see more details on the snow

NoReflect special texture on the inside of the goggle to minimize possible distracting glare and reflections of the frame.

SHRED WIDE technology allows for maximum field of view. Participating goggles in our line are designed to provide the maximum possible breadth of vision to give riders uninhibited view of the snow and their surroundings. Created by providing the largest angle from the center of the eye to the edge of the frame, we can back up our claims where competitors merely seek to give the impression of expanded vision.

1-2-3 Shred replacement system - Simplest system for 3-step quick and easy lens replacement. The easy installation/removal and the precision of the rig that supports the lens make 1-2-3 a truly and uniquely simple solution.

New Tapered Foam allows for extreme comfort and universal fitting. The Blue Whipped Cream Multilayer Face Foam provides extremely soft comfort, sweat management, and extended durability.

CARVED lenses are the result of a super-precise production process that crafts lenses with a tapered lateral thickness to adapt to the eye’s vision power. SHRED CARVED lenses are made without straining the polymers, which results in perfect clarity of vision. Available in SPH, with a double curvature and CYL, with single curvature of the lens. 

Grip-On straps provide the necessary grip so that goggles will not slip off your headwear.

Universal helmet compatibility - The shape of SHRED goggles allows for the best integration with any kind of helmet. 

Anti-fog - The double lens technology used in most SHRED Optics goggles creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form. 

NODISTORTION™ Technology provides crystal clear vision at every altitude. It equalizes the pressure between the dual lens chamber and atmospheric pressure.It connects the inside of the dual lens with the outside through a semi-permeable channel providing crystal clear vision at every altitude while simultaneously keeping moisture out thanks  to our PORON filter. The inside and outside lenses are always perfectly parallel and your vision is crystal clear no matter the altitude.

Shred NoClog - Hydrophobic treatment performed on vent foam that makes water drops slide away very easily in wet conditions. It prevents vent foam getting clogged and promotes an efficient hot and cold air exchange that minimize fogging.