SHRED Simplify - Bigshow Navy/Rust - CBL Hero Mirror + CBL Sky Mirror

$272.90 $389.90
By Shred

Trying to pick your line with foggy goggles is like being blindfolded and told to decimate a piñata—in other words, it's a tough endeavor. However, with the SHRED Simplify Goggles, your mountain navigation is made all the more amenable, or in the very least, optically streamlined. The NoDistortion technology provides crystal clear vision, while the anti-fog treatment and hydrophobic vents keep fogging at bay. The Carved Cyl lenses tout a tapered, lateral thickness which adapts to the eye, and the Shred Wide design offers maximum peripheral vision, so you're able to pick and choose all you want.

  • Pick and choose your line with this goggle
  • Curved, tapered lenses offer optical clarity
  • Helmet-compatible for your convenience
  • Ergonomic face design provides unimpeded vision
  • 3-step replacement system ensures easy adaptation
  • NoReflect treatment prevents reflection on inner lens