RPM Pekapeka Disc Glow

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Day or night the RPM Pekapeka is an under stable fairway driver that will allow players to work the disc from left to right as a (right hand backhanded player, visa versa for lefties), hyzer flip down narrow corridors and lay down rollers when required. The small convex shaped rim is comfortable to hold and will be ideal for beginners. Intermediate and advanced players will also find good uses for this disc and it will become a mainstay in most peoples bags. charge the disk with a torch then let it fly, super easy to follow in the dark. Now you never need to stop playing!

  • Model #: DGFD2
  • PDGA Approved: Yes ? as the Pekapeka / DGFD2
  • Diameter: 212mm
  • Weight: 155-176g
  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1
  • Plastic types: Glow

Pekapeka is the M?ori name for the New Zealand Long and Short tailed Bat and are New Zealand?s only native land mammals.

Long-tailed bats are found in more places than short-tailed bats. But both species are at risk.

They roost and raise their young in tree cavities and occasionally caves. The Pekapeka is part of the microbat suborder and they use echolocation (very high-pitched sounds mostly above the range of human hearing) to navigate. The sounds they make are reflected back, and they use these reflections to locate and avoid objects in their path and to hunt. For this reason the Pekapeka will be able to navigate through those dark tightly wooded fairways with ease. Despite what you might think the Kea does not use echolocation 

LM001332; Mystacina tuberculata tuberculata; dry ; view 1