RPM KĀHU LTD Edition Tāwhirimātea Disc



Designing the T?whirim?tea Stamp

The haehae designs following the edges of the stamp design are symbolic of ng? hau e wh? (the four winds) of which T?whirim?tea has dominion over by harnessing said winds and releasing them at his whim. T?whirim?tea is symbolised here with four arms and four hands, again strengthening the connection to ng? hau e wh? and his ability to harness all four winds. 

In this design T?whirim?tea is also depicted as blind, tying into the matariki narrative where T?whiri was defeated in single combat by his brother T?matauenga ( The God of War and Mankind). And after the battle, in his rage T?whirim?tea clawed his eyeballs out and crushed them within his hands. He then tossed them into the sky where they became the cluster of stars known as matariki ? ?Ng? mata o te ariki T?whirim?tea? 

The Connection to the K?hu

There is only one bird when I think of the weather and the winds and that is the K?hu, the way it rides the wind and the speed really connects to T?whirimate?.

? Jaye Pukepuke


The K?hu is a great high speed driver with gentle turn good glide and a hard fade. It is also makes for a great forehand disc. The strata blend is a little harder and has a domey top which adds glide. This is arguably the longest driver in the RPM range. Watch Jacko's K?hu review for more information.

K?hu XG Variant (T?whirim?tea):

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2.5
  • Fade: 2