RPM Huia Disc Atomic




RPM has added a stable fairway driver to it?s range. The ?Huia? will fast become a favorite in your bag providing consistent medium to long range straight shots with a gentle fade. The added glide will mean that you can sneak some extra distance with your tunnel shots and the blunt nose means you won?t lose control if it hits a pocket of wind. If you enjoy throwing forehand shots you will notice the slightly deeper rim helping you grip the disc.

  • Model #: DGFD1
  • PDGA Approved: Yes ? as the Huia
  • Diameter: 212mm
  • Weight: 155-176g
  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2
  • Plastic types Atomic 

The iconic huia was the largest of the five New Zealand wattlebird species. It was a striking large songbird, mainly black with long white-tipped tail feathers. Female and male huia had dramatically different bill sizes and shapes; this was the most extreme sexual bill dimorphism of any bird species. A fleshy orange wattle hung at the base of each side of the bill, and was often held pressed under the chin. Maori named the bird after its loud distress call, described as "a smooth, unslurred whistle rendered as uia, uia, uia or where are you?" The last accepted sighting was in 1907, but it is likely that a few huia persisted into the 1920s.

Huia. Artists' impression of a female huia. , April 2016. Image ? John and Melody Anderson, Wayfarer International Ltd by John and Melody Anderson Love our Birds? | www.wayfarerimages.co.nz