RPM Disc Ultimate Flyer Toroa




Toroa is the M?ori name for the Northern Royal Albatross, this ultimate disc is a great for throw and  catch. It is best suited for playing Ultimate. In some hands (and conditions), pretty good for disc golf too! The perfect gateway disk.

  • Model #: RU1
  • PDGA Approved: Yes
  • Diameter: 275mm
  • Weight: 175g
  • Plastic types: PE

One of the largest seabird in the world, the Northern royal albatross is a graceful giant with a wing span of over three meters. Toroa have great spiritual significance to many iwi. For example Moriori of the Chatham Islands wear plumes (raukura) of hopo (the local name for toroa) to signify their allegiance to the pacifist principles of the chief Nunuku Whenua. Taranaki iwi likewise wear toroa feathers to signify loyalty to the Parihaka prophet Te Whiti O Rongomai, a pioneer of non-violent civil disobedience.

toroa - Te Aka M?ori Dictionary