RIDE 2018 Triad Snowboard Boots

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Good things come in Threes

The Triceratops. 70's motorcycle trikes. Tresticles. Hanson. Three Card Monte. How white guys stay relevant in basketball. The Trident. The Triad. What does the Triad have to do with the number three? Let us break it down for you in three ways: 1. The Triad integrates the ancient art of shoe lacing with our Tongue Tied BOA Closure System to give you the ability to micro-adjust your internal liner on the fly, while still having the dependability of traditional laces on the shell of the boot. 2. Intuition Mobile Foam Liners come stock on the Triad for the comfort and customization provided by the most lightweight heat moldable liners on the market. 3. The Flexlight Sole gives you traction on snow and ice without making the boot unnecessarily bulky. The Triad will have you doing 3's on the 3rd of the 3rd biggest jump in the park and then take Chair 3 back up while listening to Third Eye Blind to get pumped up to do it a 3rd time before 3PM.
Triad Boot Flex

  • Features:

    •               Intuition Mobile Foam Liner            
    •               Tongue Tied            
    •               FlexLight Sole            


  • External J Bars

    Superior ankle and heel hold with added support.


  • Intuition Mobile Foam Liner

    Dual-density foam creates performance with freedom of movement.


  • Lock Down Turbo Lacing

    A secure, no slack lace mechanism to lock your laces in place.


  • 3D Formed Dual Density EVA Foam

    A soft EVA for comfort and a harder second density for extra foot support where you need it.


  • Tongue Tied™ Lacing

    This RIDE specific technology offers a secure fit in the ankle zone and eliminates the need for a traditional harness. The tongue integrated Boa® guides connect to a side mount reel to provide total tongue closure and next level heel hold without the potential pressure points. Depending on the model, Tongue Tied™ is paired with traditional lace, Boa® Focus or Boa® Coiler Closure Systems.