RIDE 2019 Rodeo Red Men's Snowboard Bindings

$285.00 $316.00





An Aluminum Infinity™ Chassis may not be as cool as a big gold belt buckle, but we can all agree that falling in the snow will always be more fun than being stomped on by an angry bull. So at RIDE, the Infinity™ Chassis will always be about lifetime warranties against bending or breaking. The nylon highbacks are designed for lightweight freestyle performance. Rather than unleashing animals to wreck your body, our Rodeo is all about protecting your body with tech like the Wedgie footbed, which is designed to relieve stress on your joints by aligning your knees into a more ergonomically correct position to help you avoid stress and injury. Freestyle Asym Ankle Straps feature an asymmetrical design for added lateral support and comfort, while our ThinGrip™ Max Toe Straps keep you in the saddle with 3D shaped rubber web for unrivaled grip and comfort. If you find yourself in the path of an angry bull, or just an out of control skier, new Linkage Ratchets make for easy binding entry and exit. The Rodeo binding is a mid-flexing team favorite designed for freestyle performance in all conditions.



 – NEW! Linkage Ratchet

– ThinGrip™ Max 

– Infinity™ Chassis



 – Chassis: Infinity™ Chassis

– Footbed: Wedgie™ 2.5

– Basepad: Urethane Pad

– Highback: Nylon Blend

– Ankle Strap: Asymmetrical Stitched Strap

– Ankle Ratchet: NEW! Linkage Ratchet

– Toe Strap: ThinGrip™ Max

– Discs: Micro Disc