Raidlight Hydration Reservior 1.2L


This 1 .2L hydration reservoir is suitable for Revolutiv 12(V2), 24, all Responsiv and all Activ packs and vests.

  • The bite valve has a locking system to ensure no annoying leaks
  • Flexible reservoir with slide top opening for easy filling
  • The hose can be disconnected from the reservoir without leaking as there is a shut off valve
  • The bite valve has a push/pull lock to stop any pressure leaks
  • The hose is insulated to help protect from cold and heat



Weight: 150g
Capacity: 1.2L
Flat dimensions: 27 x 20cm



Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Bag, Polyurethane Hose,Silicone Valve, Polyethylene (PE) Valve Insert 


Other features:

  • Quick release hose for easy cleaning
  • Insulated tube cover included
  • Silicone bite valve with locking system
  • Slider closure for low-profile secure closure
  • Dual-hang design allows the reservoir to hang vertically or horizontally in a pack
  • BPA Free