Nordica 2023 Speedmachine 3 100 Gw Gry Blk Wht Ski Boots

By Nordica

Size (Mondo)


Fuel your passion?and progression?with Nordica?s Speedmachine 3 100. Inspired by decades of refinement, this legendary all-mountain boot has been completely redesigned to offer even greater comfort and performance. Nordica?s 3 Force technology maximizes the transmission of energy from the leg and foot to the liner and shell, providing exceptional power and efficiency. The boot?s softer flex keeps your feet happy from first chair to last while still offering great precision. And for a truly personal fit, the liner and shell can readily be customized. Accelerate the learning curve and amplify your fun with Nordica?s Speedmachine 3 100


Last: 100 MM

Volume: MEDIUM


Size Range: 24.0 - 31.0

Soles: Gripwalk Extra-Grip

Shell: PU

Cuff: PU

Liner: 3D Cork Fit Primaloft

Buckles: 4 MICRO ALU

Power Strap: 45 MM

Canting: DUAL


Nordica?s 3 Force technology maximizes the transmission of energy from the leg and foot to the liner and shell for unrivaled power and control.

  • Comfort with more control
  • Greater power and efficiency
  • Stronger lateral transmission


To reimagine how a boot performs, we had to first reimagine how it?s constructed. Nordica?s 3 Force Honeycomb construction pairs a light yet stiff frame that?s especially responsive with a cuff and shell composed of a softer plastic. This enhances the boot?s fit and comfort while increasing performance and reducing weight.

  • Greater power with less weight
  • Maximum support and response
  • Enhanced fit and comfort


Today?s skier demands a ski boot that is more and more comfortable and offers technologies that make walking in their boots easier than ever before. Nordica Gripwalk? is an easy walking rocker sole interface that is ready to fit into the Marker Gripwalk? bindings and other similar systems available in the market. Nordica Gripwalk? Soles are 23223 geometry and should not be used with Traditional Alpine Bindings.

  • Great grip on different terrain
  • Easy Walk


Infrared Technology has been developed by Nordica with the aim of customizing the boots in the most sensitive point for the skiers. Once you identify the pressure points, you just need to heat the area trough the infrared lamp. In a second step, apply the suction cup to neutralize the pressure in few minutes. Lastly, remove the cup and replace the liner: it's time to jump into the boots and enjoy the ride.


  • Precise Custom Fit
  • Releaves pressure from sensative areas & bunions


New Speedmachine's 3D Custom Cork Liner is equipped with the black cork material that covers the heel surface, an essential part in providing lateral transmission. This responsive material also provides thermal insulation, keeping your feet always warm and dry. Lastly, it's easily customizable to reach the best fit and precision.


  • Precise Custom Fit
  • Increases warmth
  • Shock absorption
  • Increases control


Isotherm is one of the many materials we used to build our liner, well-known to keep the warmth and wicks away the moisture.


  • Feet stay warm
  • Feet stay dry


Originally designed for the US military, PrimaLoft? insulation is permanently water-resistant. It retains its insulating and lightweight properties for warmth and comfort, even when wet. This is the best synthetic insulation available.


  • Keeps feet warm
  • Keeps feet dry