Nordica Promachine 95W Ski Boots Blk Anth Blu

$569.00 $949.00
By Nordica

Size (Mondo)

Snug and fast, these boots are amazing. The Nordica Pro Machine 95 women's ski boots are a fantastic choice for ladies with a narrower foot and a strong desire to improve. Ski boots are probably the most important piece of gear, and you have to make sure that you get the flex and the sizing right. At 98 mm in the forefoot, these boots will fit quite snugly, but the performance that you get is fantastic. Each and every movement that you put into the boot ends up getting transmitted to the ski. The more direct the connection between foot and ski, the more precise the performance of the boot will be. As such, it's all about finding the right balance between performance and comfort. With a 95 flex, the Pro Machine 95 is bordering on the advanced level. If you're a strong carving skier but need a bit of extra strength for off-piste skiing, then this is a good flex for that upper intermediate to lower or lighter advanced skiers. The narrow nature of the boot makes it a bit stiffer overall, since there's not as much plastic spread out over a wider area. Making things more comfortable is the Isotherm 3D liner with Primaloft insulation. This is a comfy liner that doesn't skimp on fluff or performance. The dual pull straps are a nice touch, and the four micro-adjustable buckles will allow you to fine-tune your fit as the day and year go on. Intermediate and advanced skiers with narrower feet will love the combination of comfort and performance.

  • Flex: 95 Last: 98
  • 35 mm Power Strap
  • 5355 Alpine Sole
  • 4 Buckle Overlap
  • Dual Pull Straps