Nordica 2015 Transfire R3 Men's Ski Boots

$239.60 $599.00
By Nordica

Size (Mondo)


Medium - boot width of 100-103mm; average-advanced skier

High - circumference of instep
> 1/2 the length of your foot

Medium - neither standard nor high volume leg shape

Medium - ideal for near-intermediate to advanced skiers


If you're a sport performance skier you'll love the Nordica Transfire R3 Ski Boots with its high level of precision and forgiving blend. It starts with the Adjustable Cuff Profile which places the leg in a standing neutral position for comfort and less foot fatigue. The 45 Degree Instep Retention provides the maximum amount of heel retention and forefoot comfort so your fit can be secure inside these boots. Easy entry and exit are also made possible by this 45 degree feature. Micro Buckles on all buckles ensures the most customized and comfortable fit. You'll have added comfort with the Tongue Rebound PFP Performance Fit Liner. As an advanced-level boot, the Nordica Transfire R3 Ski Boots are packed full of features and technology to ensure you have a comfortable and high-performance day on the mountain.

  • 45 Degree Instep Retention
  • ACP - Adjustable Cuff Profile
  • Tongue Rebound
  • 3 Piece Easy-Entry Shell Construction