Line 2023 Tom Wallisch Pro Men's Skis

$599.00 $999.00


Designed by one of the most accomplished and fun to watch park skiers in existence, Tom Wallisch. His pro model skis are light, have a ton of pop and are built to take a beating in the park. These skis feel just as effortless skiing switch as they do skiing forward, making even the biggest features in the park more attainable. A light weight tip and tail keep the swing weight down, improving your chances of learning that new rail trick you've been dying to stomp. Go big, go small the Tom Wallisch skis are built for fun in the park. 

Tech Specs:

  • Radius: 17.5m @ 171
  • Weight: 1660g @ 171
  • Profile: Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Dimensions: 118 - 90 - 116 @ 171
  • Core Materials: Maple, Aspen
  • Added Materials: N/A
  • Designed By: Line & Tom Wallisch
  • Built By: K2