Leki Helicon Light Backcountry Poles

By Leki

The HELICON LITE is the backcountry workhorse that’s easy on the wallet. The HELICON LITE has a durable and lightweight two-piece aluminum construction with Speed Lock+ for easy adjustment and bomber holding power. The HELICON LITE is infinitely adjustable from 110-145 cm and comes with an extended foam grip proving multiple locations to grasp when climbing or skinning steeper terrain. The extremely comfortable Evocon PAS grip comes with an adjustable strap. The HELICON LITE comes with the backcountry Binding Basket with a straight, hard edge perfect for adjusting climbing aids or cleaning ice buildup from skins. The Carbide tip penetrated even the firmest snow and ice.

Activities: Ski Touring
Age group: Adults
Gender: Unisex
EVOCON Soft-  Positive Angle grip with optimized non-slip surface and easily adjustable security strap.
Speed Lock+ - Extremely fast and easy adjustment of the pole length even whilst wearing gloves. Smaller and lighter than SL 1.
Aluminum - Super sturdy, extremely robust and very durable.
Binding Basket feature a rigid edge allowing for simple adjustment of AT heel lifters on the fly or clearing snow easily from the bases or top sheets of skis.
Carbide Flextip (long) - Perfect for backcountry skiing. More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.
Strap: Lock Security Strap (Nylon)
Segments: 2-pieces
Shaft Diameter: 16|14 mm
Shaft Material: Aluminum (HTS 6.5)
Locking System: Speed Lock +
Basket: Touring | Backcountry (Binding Basket)
Tip: Flex Tip (Long)
Length/Size: 110 - 145 cm (Infinitely adjustable)
Weight/pole: 267 grams / pole