Kids Ride Shotgun MTB Tow Rope - Orange


Tow ropes are an essential piece of kit for any MTB family ? you?ll take the hassle out of hill climbs, and enjoy bigger family rides together.

Our MTB tow rope includes a stem loop for fitting with any bike.


  • Specifically designed for mountain bike families.
  • Shock absorbing stretch -The tow rope is designed to give a gentle pull, avoiding jerking on take-off, for a comfortable tow uphill.
  • With a stem loop included, you're good to go on any bike ? by looping over or around the stem.
  • Load rated to 500lb / 225kg suitable for mini shredders and adults too.
  • 1.7m / 5.5 feet un-stretched ? 3.3m / 10.8 feet stretched (polyester).
  • Product weight: 0.25kg