K2 2025 Spellcaster Women's Snowboard

By K2


Kennedi Deck's Freestyle Snowboard of Choice

The K2 Spellcaster is a mid-flexing freestyle twin that works its wizardry in the park, street, side hits, and groomers all over the mountain.

The Spellcaster?s Combination Camber profile puts camber in between the bindings for stability at speed and provides an insane amount of pop, rocker just outside the bindings for a playful and predictable feel that presses like magic.

The Rhythm? Core is constructed with sustainably harvested timber species to dampen vibration and provide a flex explicitly scaled for women. Carbon DarkWeb? stringers extend at 45-degree angles in both directions from the binding inserts, giving the Spellcaster wicked response for snap and edge hold while ripping on groomers or dropping into the jump line.

The Sintered 4000 base is tough, durable, and absorbs wax like crazy to let you cast a speed hex on every snow type.

Sintered 4000 Base - Hard, fast, and durable, our Sintered Base material holds wax better than extruded materials increasing speed and glide.

Rhythm? Core
- Women?s specific core shaping and profiling. Sustainably harvested timber reduces weight and adds maneuverability while retaining strength and liveliness.

Triax Glass - A fiberglass weave intersecting at three angles provides extra torsional stiffness and overall strength.

Carbon DarkWeb? - Carbon stringers extend at 45? angles from the inserts in an ?X? pattern, adding responsiveness and stability at all speeds.

Backed by years of rigorous testing, Hybritech is the most eco-friendly, lightest, and most durable snowboard construction on the market. Removing all excess plastic material in the tip and tail and adding a 3D capped edge to increase the bond strength of the fiberglass, decreasing the swing weight of the board, and reducing thousands of pounds of plastic needed during the manufacturing
process is what makes Hybritech so revolutionary. Boards with Hybritech will spin faster, maneuver easier, and last longer than any other boards on the market.