K2 2019 Lineup Men's Snowboard Bindings White & Black

$359.00 $399.00
By K2


LineUp – Alpine Cutbacks

No need to check the waves, you know it’s going to be good. Stable at speed and surfy by nature, the Lineup is the most natural flexing binding in our collection. Featuring our urethane Tweekback highback, Bender™ankle strap, Canted footbed, and TriPod™ chassis, the Lineup aims to provide uninterrupted board ex for presses, butters, and endless tweak-ability. 


  • Tunable TriPod™Chassis
3° Canted Footbed Tweekback™
  • Opti™ Highback Bender™ Ankle Strap
  • Perfect Fit™ 2.0 Toe Strap
  • 100% Tool-Less Adjustment