K2 2019 Lien AT Men's Snowboard Bindings Black

$494.00 $549.00
By K2


Lien AT – Fine Tuning Response and Support

The Lien AT is our most customizable binding and is packed full of unique performance features. It’s Tripod™ chassis allows uninhibited board- ex, the LockOut Block offers added stability, and it’s adjustable Pod system allows you to customize the ex and feel of your binding. We’ve added our Sender™ ankle strap to the Lien AT, resulting in a binding that leads the industry in stability, control, and power transfer. 


  • Tunable TriPod™ Chassis with LockOut Block
  • 3° Canted Footbed

  • AT Opti™ Highback
  • Sender™ Ankle Strap
  • Perfect Fit™ 2.0 Toe Strap
  • 100% Tool-Less Adjustment