Granite Portaledge XE Bottle Cage Mount Extension Strap System Black

$39.10 $46.00
By Granite

Granite Portaledge XE Strap Mount

Portaledge XE adds a lightweight, rock-solid, and kind-on-paint stash to your bike frame, sitting alongside your water bottle. With room for a tube, CO2 and tyre levers it guarantees you?ll never be left stranded on the trails.

 Note: Portaledge XE requires a fist-sized space behind your water bottle in order to fit.

Granite Portaledge XE Strap Mount:

Making use of your standard bottle-bosses, Portaledge weighs just 50g and mounts alongside your water bottle cage. It is made up of a tough AL6061 alloy plate with 30mm silicone-coated hook and loop strap.

Portaledge will lock your gear in place through the roughest trails and toughest conditions.