G3 Skins Alpinist 100mm

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The most versatile, reliable, go-anywhere climbing skin there is. These definitive climbing skins now fit an even broader range of ski lengths with up to 16 cm of length adjustment

-30c/-22f – Unlike most other skins, G3’s proprietary skin adhesive is specifically formulated to be fully functional and useable down to -30c/-22f; a unique G3 features that you will notice the most.

Non Toxic Adhesive – G3’s proprietary adhesive does not use or create any toxic or environmentally harmful compounds during the manufacturing process.

Ultra Glide – A fast finish unique to G3 that provides ultra gliding performance unmatched by any other climbing skin without compromising traction.

Waterproof – G3 skins come with durable, hydrophobic and waterproof factory treatment that keeps the skins dry preventing dreaded ‘’snow clumping’’ from ruining your tour.

Trim tool – With double blade design and an ergonomic grip, G3’s famous climbing skin trim tool quickly and easily trims skins for a perfect fit.

Length adjustability – G3’s patented connection system allows the convenience of owning a pair of skins that will match the length of more than just one pair of skis.

PFOA Free – G3 climbing skins use a new waterproofing treatment that does not harm the environment. Enjoy winter and feel comfortable while using your new and improved G3 climbing skins.

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