Fire-Maple Star X2 Cooking System

$144.00 $169.90

The Star X2 Cooking System is the perfect choice for hot coffee, soup, and meals when you're out in the wild. Boil water rapidly and efficiently, then pack it away in its compact 1-liter cook pot - complete with pot stand and stove. Get ready for the ultimate space-saving camping experience!

* Gas canister in photo is not included with purchase of cooking system.

  • Fixed-Star X2 Personal Cooking System's explosive boil time makes it the ultimate camping burner for cooking coffee, soup, or dried meals in the backcountry. Our X2 boils water 30% quicker than traditional camping stoves, making it the quickest FireMaple ever.
  • All accessories including a pot stand, stove, canister stand, and fuel canister(NOT included) fit into the 1-liter cook pot.
  • Camo: 2 Covers Included Black: 3 Covers Included Orange/Green: 1 Cover Included
  • Note: Coleman 230g flat cartridge is a little bit larger and thus can NOT be nested into the X2 pot but still works with X2 stove. We recommend using propane-butane mixture canisters complying with EN417.

Material: Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Silicone / Copper

Fuel Type: Isobutane Gas Mixture

Power: 7500BTU/ 2.2kW/ 158g/h

Weight: 630g / 22 oz

Unfolded Size: 254x265mm,10x10.4in

Folded Size: 133x205mm,5.2x8.1in

Boil Time: 1min 42sec per 0.5 liter