Deuter light Dry pack

$17.40 $24.90
By Deuter

Size & Colour


  • Loop on base to hang it up
  • D-ring for attachment
  • Roll-top closure: to be rolled down at least 3 times before securing with buckle
  • Welded seams
  • Caution: not suited to activities where the Drypack might become submerged in water
  • Fabric’s >10,000 mm hydrostatic head keeps out dust and heavy precipitation
  • Efficient packing thanks to rectangular bottom shape


PFC Free



Weight: 80g
Volume: 30 Litre
Dimensions: 45 / 31 / 21 (H x W x D)

Weight: 70g
Volume: 20 Litre
Dimensions: 33 / 35 / 18 (H x W x D)

Volume: 15 litres
Size: 34 cm high x 23 cm diameter
Weight: 60g

Volume: 8 litres
Size: 28 cm high x 29 cm diameter
Weight: 50g

Weight: 35g
Volume: 5 Litre
Dimensions: 24 / 24 / 11 (H x W x D)

Volume: 1 litre
Size: 15 cm high x 17 cm diameter
Weight: 25g, 70D PA Carbonite Ripstop



40D PA Ripstop Material with 10,000 mm water column
protects against dust or heavy rain

PFC Free: This deuter product is free of per- & polyfluorinated chemicals.
Deuter thus reduces the use of environmentally harmful substances that pollute the environment and health.