Blizzard 2024 Bonafide 97 Men's Skis

$1,259.30 $1,799.00


New for 2021, Blizzard has made changes across much of their lineup!

One is the Bonafide 97, Some of the more consistent updates across models include a tighter turn radius throughout and more length options. This line will also see brand new core construction, with Blizzard using a variety of wood blends to create a smoother, rounder flex in each ski.

Blizzard's all-mountain freeride range has been the choice of skiing purists since it's inception. Known for their high-end stability and damp feel, the new and refined series is no exception. A new TrueBlend flipcore takes control to another level by utilizing different wood stringers in each zone of the ski. This allows for a tuned flex that is stiffer and softer throughout for ultimate control in any conditions. If you want precise response anywhere on the mountain, these skis get the job done.

If perfection could be made even better, the Bonafide 97 would be an ideal example. With strong ties to it's iconic predecessor, this new ski refines it's firm snow performance without losing it's strong freeride side. Under the hood, the TrueBlend Flipcore is combined with two sheets of titanal for the classic damp, stable feel that Blizzard is known for. It's as lively as a carving ski on trail, but it's wider body gives it the ability to cope in variable snow with ease. The rocker profile has been trimmed down slightly and the radius has been pulled in for an even snappier feel when things firm up. Don't worry though, this is still a freeride ski at heart. The Bonafide eats up any softer snow with ease. If you're the kind of skier that doesn't let anything stand in their way, these will feel like they were made for you

  • Carbon Flipcore With Titanal
  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile
  • Trueblend Flipcore
  • Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall Ti