Blizzard 2023 Brahma 88 Men's Skis

$531.00 $886.00


We define all-mountain as a skier who doesn’t color in the lines. It’s more of a philosophy, a sense of freedom to ski where ever you want on the mountain. The Brahma 88 will give you the ability to seize the snowpack throughout the most frigid temperatures and firm conditions. Compared to its wider brethren in this category, the Brahma 88 utilizes its True Blend Wood core, two sheets of metal and reduced rocker profile for a better grip on harder snow but is versatile enough for a variety of snow conditions. This ski will take the energy you give it and transfer that power into the snowpack, so you can rip down the mountain with confidence and ease. As the day’s smooth terrain gets eaten up by hungry skiers, the Brahma has the backbone to ski efficiently through chopped up crud, which means you’ll be skiing longer (and stronger) than everyone else. Enjoy the day - all day, ski the Brahma.

Bindings Included: No, flat ski
Type:All Mountain
Radius:16m @ 177cm
Weight:2100g/ski @ 177cm

True Blend WoodCore
High density wood stringer: The TRUE BLEND WOODCORE technology is made of a blend of two different woods. The high-density wood stringers are built into the ski wood core.  By modifying their length and number, we can control the flex very precisely.  Harder flex in the center where you need more strength and softer in the tip and tail for more forgiveness and an easy power release.

The right flex where you need it: Thanks to the True Blend Wood Core technology we are able to control the flex precisely through the whole length of the ski, maintaining the desired behavior the same for all sizes

Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile
Ski profile with rocker at the tip and tail, camber in the middle. Reducing the pressure on the edge at the tip and tail makes the ski even easier to handle and increases flotation on powder snow. The camber guarantees great grip on packed snow.

Sidewall Construction
Full sidewalls guarantee energy transmission, stability and control and provide torsional rigidity enhancing the performance of the ski. Sidewall provides constant pressure along the full length of the ski.