Nordica 2025 Enforcer 104

By Nordica


Whether you're dusting powder between trees, cutting lines through fluffy snow, or spraying spring slush, Nordica's new Enforcer 104 will make every one of those best days even better. As the widest ski in the Enforcer collection, it offers a playful and versatile ride. Thanks to a new construction that embeds both a wood core and an elastomeric pulse core between two titanium layers, this all-mountain ski is uniquely supple, powerful and forgiving at the same time. No wonder you have a big grin on your face in both powder snow and changing conditions. The mountains are calling - experience everything they have to offer with Nordica's Enforcer 104.

New Enforcers / Technologies


New shape

For this collection we changed the rocker. This means you can glide down into the valley in a playful and controlled manner at all speeds and on any terrain ? just as you like. 


Energy 2 TI Pulse Core

Smooth, stable and trustworthy - this driving experience is provided by Nordica's Enforcer construction, which embeds a wood core and an elastomeric pulse core between two titanium layers. The construction is incredibly responsive and increases performance and fun.

  • Exceptionally responsive for maximum precision and control
  • Dampens vibrations for a smooth and smooth ride.


True tip

By extending the light wooden core into the blade, we managed to reduce the heavier ABS plastic in this area. This allowed us to significantly increase the agility and playfulness of the skis - without compromising the valued powerful and stable feel. A new milestone that makes an enormous difference.

  • Lighter
  • More harmonious
  • More agile


Base Graphic Explained

To demonstrate two special features of the ski, the design of the tread has a specific geometric shape: the horizontal cut shows where the rocker begins. The intersection of the diagonal cut and the ski edge shows the widest point of the ski.

Base Graphic Explained