Ride 2020 Rodeo Midnight

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By Ride


Ride Rodeo Binding


Asymmetrical Stitched Ankle Strap is made from multi-density 3D padding and formed EVA. The aluminum Infinityâ„¢ Chassis System features stance correct heel cup and Micro Disc mounting system. Nylon Highback provides a mix of response and comfort. Linkage Ratchets eliminate ratchet wag and improves ladder durability. The Rodeo is a mid-flexing binding designed for performance in all conditions.

Size -M,L,XL

Color -Black, Midnight, Brick

Binding Basepad -Urethane Pad 

Binding Highback -Nylon Blend 

Binding Ankle Strap -Asymmetrical Stitched 

Binding Ratchet -Linkage Ratchet 

Binding Discs -Micro-Disc 

Binding category -Freestyle 

Binding Chassis -Infinityâ„¢ 

Binding Footbed -Wedgieâ„¢ 2.5 

Binding Toe Strap -ThinGripâ„¢ Max 

Feel -