Gogglesoc x Chris Benchetler Collection - Interconnection


Gogglesoc x Chris Benchetler

In collaboration with acclaimed skier and artist Chris Benchetler, this gogglesoc collection embodies nature?s interconnected beauty. From the ethereal "Into the White Room" to the vivid "Phylogenetic Parallel," each design tells a story of harmonious unity between man, nature, and the elements. Benchetler's artistry shines, merging skiing passion with artistic flair.

?My experiences in life and in nature have shaped my artistic vision and existence. The beauty, the pain, environment, likes, and dislikes. My best artworks have flowed through me. They weren?t created; I simply delivered them. I don?t ever approach the canvas with a painting in mind. I just keep my heart and mind open, and stay committed to that unfiltered process.? - Chris Benchetler

What is Gogglesoc?

Meet gogglesoc, the original goggle cover. Our goggle cover is designed to be your goggles? best friend whilst they?re not in use. It protects your ski goggles from scratches, dust, and snow or beer-induced mishaps. Goggle lens covers are an essential accessory for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, ensuring goggles last longer and perform at their best.


One size fits most

Cleans and protects your lenses



Your gogglesoc is made from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) recycled plastic bottles

We recognize we can't change the world alone, but by making gogglesocs from recycled plastic bottles we are doing our part to conserve our resources, and keep waste out of our landfills.

Do your part to. Make your lens last.

Care Information

Machine washable. Wash with similar colors on normal wash cycle. Do not bleach.

Air or tumble dry. Do not iron.

Dry clean if you like... although this may be overkill for a gogglesoc. ;)