Prolon Mouthguard assorted colours

By Prolon

  • Flexible moulding − using a ‘boil and bite’ process, you get a mouthguard moulded to your mouth, ensuring the best fit possible.
  • Slimline design − a unique, slimline design ensures the mouthguard is comfortable at all times.
  • Breathe easy − our mouthguards won’t affect your ability to breathe or communicate effectively
  • Non-toxic − made from soft dental vinyl that is BPA free
  • Comfortable − high-impact material for greater cushioning enables you to concentrate and play confidently
  • Available in many colours − all safe, containing no cadmium or heavy metals
  • Storage − comes with protective case
  • Kid friendly − can be used with braces and is suitable for all school sports
  • Affordable − our range of prices ensures mouth and teeth protection is accessible for all sports players