Blizzard 2025 Black Pearl 94 Women's Ski



The Black Pearl ski is known as a reliable, balanced ski that has transformed the way women approach the mountain. While the construction and tech have been revamped with this collection, the spirit remains the same ? still the Black Pearl. Still The Boss.

Featuring new molds, rocker profiles, and use of metal, Blizzard?s engineering goal for this evolution was to maintain the stability and power the Black Pearl has been praised for, but improve maneuverability, facilitating smoother transitions in and out of turns. To achieve this, they tested multiple iterations of technology layups with their international Women 2 Women group ? a diverse assembly of women skiers ranging from weekend enthusiasts to professional instructors and former NCAA racers, ensuring the skis would cater to a wide spectrum of abilities without compromising on the quality that has made the Black Pearl legendary.


TURN RADIUS   15.5 m @ 170 cm 

SIDECUT   132.5 / 94 / 114.5 mm 

WEIGHT   1,750 g @ 164 cm