RIDE Wildlife 2019

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Design: Directional Hybrid Camber 

Specialty: Grooters / Powder

Response: Mellow



Legend has it there is a creature in the woods that was manifested in the dark corners of all of our minds. This creature is better known as the mystical Goat Wolf. This tortured soul is stuck between our physical world and the invisible spirit world. Part Reaper, part goat and part humanoid It appears only on the most truly monumental storm days. It has been told this ghost shadow will grant you supreme powers to your soul to shred terrain in all conditions. The only way to discover this elusive magical creature the next time the storm aligns in your mind is to ride a wildlife. The Wildlife comes equipped with Carbon Array 3™ to make that board responsive and quick edge to edge. The softer flex and rocker profile give this board a versatile, all-mountain ride that’ll take you anywhere in this realm.


In-house graphic artist, Dave Banks brings his creepy signature style illustration to this graphic for a second season. His illustrations and creations focus on the paranormal, immortal and classic spooky content. @robinbankz



– Quadratic Sidecut

– Hybrid Glass

– Performance™ Core

– Sintered 4000 Base

– Roll-In Slimewall®

–Single Impact Plates

– Carbon Array 3™

–Topless Topsheet

– Standard Steel Edge